How to access MS Office files saved on the computer from your Android phone?

Microsoft Office offers a comprehensive array of applications, servers, and services to its Windows, Mac, Android and iOS users. You can use it on your desktop or the mobile phone. For this, all you have to do is to choose the right version of this worldwide popular productivity suite. If you are looking for the easiest way to access Office files, which are created and saved on your computer system, from your Android Smartphone then this article is just for you.


Microsoft Office (accessible via provides you with an option to access your saved files from the smartphone. For this, you need to first upload those files to OneDrive, Dropbox, or a team site. (An alternate and easier way of doing the same is by attaching those files to your email and then opening the same email ID in your mobile phone. Ok! Ok! I Know! This is something very obvious. So, check out the all-new way of making this happen.)

Steps to upload and then open files

  1. Open any of the web browsers installed on your computer system
  2. Access OneDrive, Dropbox or Office 365 team site
    1. To create a new online location, simply hit Open and then Add a Place. Choose your specific service and check all the locations that are currently accessible to you. Now, tap Open and then Browse to proceed to the uploading.
  3. Now, upload one or multiple files
  4. Once the upload finishes, pick up your Android device
  5. Sign in to your Android Device
    1. Skip the step, if already logged in
  6. Tap Open and then tap the service where you have saved the file from the desktop
  7. Now, search for that particular file you want to access via the Android device
  8. You can also access multiple files from this place.

For any query regarding this process or anything with the Office setup, contact Office customer support team.

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