Top anticipated features of Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 is the latest version of the office productivity suite and will be released in the second half of 2018. It was announced on 6th September 2017 at Microsoft Ignite. Microsoft Company has further declared that the client apps will be available with the Click-to-Run installer as well as with the old MSI installer.

Office setup 2019 will be available as a one-time purchase with no feature update, only security and quality updates will be notified. No tools or functionality as such will show up on the screen. You need to have Windows 10 installed on your system in order to use Office 2019.

Office 365, on the other hand, is the subscription-based services and is powered by Microsoft cloud which makes it packed up with all the latest features.

Here in this article, we brought for you the top anticipated features of Office setup 2019

Check out the top anticipated features of MS-Office 2019 in the list given below-

  1. Enhance ink features

Office 2019 will be having the latest ink usage which is already used by Microsoft Surface users that allow them to draw, note, and draw directly to the screen.

But in this product, one can expect to use the features throughout all the other apps like pressure sensitivity, drift pencil case, makes the user to store and organize the favorite pens, pencils, and highlighters to roam along with user while using the devices, and the tilt effects that are going to adjust the thickness of the pen along with the angle of the pen.

  1. Simple email management

Office 2019 (for downloading it visit has some other plans with the Outlook users to make it a simple and productivity while managing the emails. Some of the updated things are- Latest contact cards, Office 365 groups, @ mentions, travel package cards, and focused inbox.

  1. Powerful data management and analysis

Microsoft Excel is considered to be an excellent product when data management and analysis are talks about. In the latest version of Office 2019, Microsoft has planned to make it bigger like new formulas, new charts (funnel charts and 2D maps), and the capability to publish from the MS-Excel to Power BI. Other than that the new PowerPivot and PowerQuery is there in the new version of Office 2019.

Please note- The above article talks about the top anticipated features. And don’t consider this to be actual features as the product is not yet released in the market.


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